An experienced freelance UX & interaction designer designing interactive systems to empower a positive change in the world

foto van nico druifSince 2004, my work is aimed at building a world where people feel happy and smart using the systems that surround them. To realise this, I start by exploring and empathizing with your user, the starting point of my work, i.e. human centered design. Let me help you make your next product or service even easier to use. We will start by describing your user and his goals. After this, through an iterative method of workshops, prototypes and a lot of sketching, we define what it is you need. Thus, the design is continuously tested, from the general concept to the smallest detail and front-end code. By listening carefully and paying attention I'll draw up user-friendly and desirable solutions which fit your organization and serve your users. 


I closely follow the latest developments in the field of methods and techniques. Call it iterative, agile or lean: I do what needs to be done, I am a hands on kind of guy, and I always provide visuals to facilitate the discussion. When working on a design, these are the steps I like to take:

  • human understanding
    Getting to know your user

    • For example:
      • Aims and needs of users
      • Personas and MBTI behavioural types
      • Top task analysis and top tasks
      • Use cases and scripts
      • Card sorting
      • Fieldwork and interviews
      • Usability (lab) test
  • sketching

    • For example:
      • paper and pencil
      • Brown paper sessions and post-its
      • Sketchboards
      • Paper prototyping (workshops)
      • Wireframes and journey maps
      • Sketch notes and visual notes
  • prototyping

    • For example:
      • Paper prototyping (workshops)
      • Interactive prototypes:
        • Clickable sketches / Zurb / POP
        • Axure
        • Html
      • Usability (lab) test
  • testing

    • For example:
      • Discussing/testing interactive prototype
      • Tests with the same prototypes
      • A/B tests
      • Heatmaps and online recordings
      • Usability (lab) test

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Can I help you?
+31 (0)6 38 30 28 11